5 Causes of Bad Breath and What You Can Do About It!

5 Causes of Bad Breath and What You Can Do About It!

September 17, 2018

Have you ever felt so self-conscious over your smelly breath that you cover your mouth just to speak? Dr. Anna Kreymer and her staff want our patients to feel comfortable in their own skin with a healthy and beautiful smile. What causes bad breath and what can you even do about it? Continue reading on to see how you can have a fresh smile.

There are five major causes of bad breath. They include the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene. Oral bacteria can be the cause of bad breath and is often started by the buildup of plaque and food debris. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once daily will help to eliminate the plaque and caught food debris. A tongue scraper will also help to get a thorough clean.
  • Oral diseases. Infections such as tooth decay and gum disease can cause bad odors in the mouth. Worn out fillings can allow bacteria to enter and grow. Symptoms of infection can include tooth pain or bleeding and swollen gums. Don’t ignore your symptoms, rather schedule an appointment with our dentist right away.
  • Diet. Foods such as onion and garlic can lead a smell even after digested as they enter your bloodstream and your lungs. Try eliminating certain foods to see if that is what is causing your bad breath.
  • Dry mouth. Saliva is vital in cleansing out the mouth. Therefore, when an individual suffers from dry mouth, their breath does also. Medications and a lack of water can lead to dry mouth, but it is best to get a doctor’s opinion as well.
  • Smoking. Smoking is not just bad for the health of your body, but it also greatly affects the smell of your breath. It can also lead to other more severe oral health issues, such as oral cancer. Talk to your dentist regarding effective tips on quitting the habit of smoking.

Contact Dr. Anna Kreymer today for more information on the practical steps you can take to achieve a fresh smile.

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