Are you looking for either crowns or dental bridges in the Los Angeles area? Dr. Anna Kreymer’s offers restorative dentistry in West Los Angeles to help our patients maintain healthy teeth. Since most people will develop one or more cavities in life, the majority will need some type of dental restoration at some point. Crowns and bridges are custom-made oral appliances that improve mouth function, enhance appearance and reinforce weakened teeth. Our Los Angeles office makes it easy to get high-quality dental crowns or bridges.

Dental Crowns in Los Angeles

A tooth crown will cost more than a dental filling because it covers and protects the entire structure above the gum line. Dental crowns are basically tooth-shaped caps that get cemented to a damaged tooth to safeguard and enhance what is left of the natural structure. Not only do dental crowns provide protection and build up a broken-down tooth, they can also enhance the beauty of a smile.

Dental Bridges in Los Angeles

A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with multiple dental crowns. Instead of capping a tooth, a bridge crown acts as a prosthetic tooth. If you have consecutive missing teeth, they can be replaced with a dental bridge consisting of several crowns. The crowns are bonded together and anchored to existing natural teeth on either side.

Your Los Angeles dentist places crowns and bridges to restore mouth function and aesthetic appeal. If you have suffered from a dental trauma or severe decay, treatment with a restoration may be necessary to protect the tooth structure and your good oral health.

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Dr. Anna Kreymer

Dr. Anna Kreymer, a 26 year resident of Los Angeles, proudly serves the local community in which she was raised and educated from primary through graduate schools.

Dr. Anna Kreymer
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