Getting Dental Fillings in Los Angeles, CA

Getting Dental Fillings in Los Angeles, CA

Most patients will have at least one filling placed during their lifetime. Dental fillings in Los Angeles are used to repair cavities, broken or cracked teeth, or worn-down teeth. Your dentist may use either silver or composite filling material to restore a damaged smile.

Composite Tooth Fillings

Tooth-colored, composite fillings provide strength and stability in minor to mid-size restorations. A composite cavity filling can be used to repair front or back teeth. The white material appeals to patients who want a more natural looking tooth filling. Composite resin is costlier than a silver filling, and some dental providers will not cover the material.

The process of placing a composite filling is more involved than with a silver filling. The affected tooth must be kept dry while the cavity is filled with composite resin. Regardless, tooth-colored fillings are more sought-after than silver amalgam or any other filling material due to the aesthetic look. At Dr. Anna Kreymer’s dentistry in Los Angeles, you can now ask for composite tooth fillings.

Prevention is the Key

The best scenario is not to develop cavities that need dental fillings. That is why Dr. Anna Kreymer strongly encourages preventive dentistry in Los Angeles. By simply practicing good oral hygiene habits, visiting your dentist as recommended and eating a healthy, balanced diet, you can decrease your risk of tooth decay and other dental health issues significantly.

Whether you choose dental or composite tooth fillings, your oral health is in good hands with Dr. Anna Kreymer in Los Angeles.

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