X-rays have come a long way! It now takes only 5–10 minutes during a dental exam with little to no discomfort to achieve impeccable imaging. Once a patient’s teeth are cleaned, the hygienist will take the digital images and upload them to a computer. Both our Los Angeles dentist and the patient can view the x-ray images and discuss any oral health concerns.

Digital X-Rays in Los Angeles

Digital X-rays allow for images that can be viewed virtually instantly on a computer screen by the dentist and patient. The current x-rays can easily be compared to past images to check for developing problems. Dr. Kreymer will discuss any concerns uncovered in the x-rays and possible treatments for existing issues or to prevent future health threats.

Radiation Concerns

Digital images require much less radiation than traditional x-rays. However, a protective lead apron is still worn. Pregnant or breastfeeding patients should inform the dentist ahead of time so that extra precautions can be put in place. Our Los Angeles dentists take your concerns about x-rays seriously.

Types of Digital Imaging

It is common for a series of x-rays to be taken during a dental exam. This includes bitewing images, a panoramic view, some periapical views and for some, an occlusal view. This just means the entire length of teeth, sinuses, and jaw, upper and lower back teeth, and an image of the bite.

Digital X-rays in Los Angeles are taken during your annual exam to help your dentist, and you maintain your good oral health. For more information on digital imaging in Los Angeles, CA or to schedule your dental exam, call the dental office of Dr. Anna Kreymer.

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