Implant Restorations in Los Angeles, CA

Implant Restorations in Los Angeles, CA

Are you in the market for dental implants in Los Angeles? Dental implant restoration is the newest tooth replacement alternative. It is a 2-step procedure that begins with the surgical insertion of a titanium post (replacement root) into the jaw bone, followed by the placement of dental crown (prosthetic tooth). Our Los Angeles office offers expert implant restoration services.

Implant Restoration Dentist

Today, there are many different implant procedures used, that vary in materials and duration. However, any dental implant restoration requires an initial consultation and an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Anna Kreymer’s is an expert implant restoration dentist in Los Angeles. She can create replacement prosthetics that look, function and feel like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles

Because healing is often necessary between steps, the dental implant process can be highly variable. Some patients have an abundance of strong, healthy bone tissue. These candidates may qualify for a one-day procedure where both the implant post and crown are placed during the same visit.

But for most people, the final step occurs months after the implant is inserted. This allows time for the replacement tooth root to integrate into the jawbone. In cases where the patient hasn’t enough stable bone, and bone grafting is involved, this requires more time for the graft to heal first before the implant can be placed. After that, the post must fuse with the bone before the dental crown can be fixed to the implant.

Dental Implant Restoration in Los Angeles

Although the procedure may vary, this is a basic outline of what to expect from your implant restoration dentist in Los Angeles:

  • First, an oral surgeon will fold back the gum and expose the underlying bone to prepare for insertion of the post. The amount of necessary bone preparation is determined by the number of implants being placed.
  • The dental implants are then surgically inserted into the jawbone, and the gum is sutured.
  • In about 3–6 months, the titanium post should be fully fused with the bone.
  • Once the integration into the bone is completed, a custom-crafted dental crown will be placed over the exposed portion of the post.

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