Occlusal Guards in Los Angeles, CA

Occlusal Guards in Los Angeles, CA

What are Occlusal Guards?

Occlusal Guards are custom-fitted devices worn over teeth at night to prevent damaging clenching and grinding. In serious cases where the frequency of teeth grinding is above average, this type of mouthguard can be worn daily.

Who Needs Occlusal Guards in Los Angeles?

Patients with frequent headaches, toothaches or jaw pain may be good candidates for an occlusal guard. Also, those who often wake feeling like they never slept, or have worn down or loose teeth may need to wear a preventive device.

Our Los Angeles dentist may prescribe an occlusal guard for patients suffering from these symptoms. A removable, custom-fit guard is not a cure, but a preventive measure. An occlusal guard can protect against the serious health problems caused by long-term clenching and grinding of teeth. Without treatment, chipped or fractured teeth, or tooth loss may result.

How Do Occlusal Guards Save Teeth?

By providing a barrier and releasing tension in the jaw, occlusal guards stop the impact of clenching and grinding. By preventing these involuntary actions, the device protects against wear on the teeth and jaw joints.

The process of getting an occlusal guard typically requires two office visits. First, a mold is taken of either the upper or lower jaw. The impression is sent to a dental lab where your custom fit guard is created. During the second visit when the occlusal guard is completed, Dr. Kreymer in Los Angeles will check for a proper fit and provide wear and care instructions.

Most patients only wear one guard on the upper teeth. In few cases, a lower guard is provided. By wearing your occlusal guard consistently, you will protect your teeth and avoid future damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw.

Occlusal Guards in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles dentist has occlusal guards for those who want to take back control regarding this serious dental concern.

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