Oral DNA Testing and Analysis in Los Angeles, CA

Oral DNA Testing and Analysis in Los Angeles, CA

We offer oral DNA testing and analysis in Los Angeles at Dr. Anna Kreymer’s office. Over the past several years, doctors and oncologists have lead the charge for advanced screenings for many types of cancers. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer have seen their mortality rates decline as detection is happening earlier which increases the survivability rate.

Similarly, dentists are leading the charge for increased oral cancer screenings. When detected early, oral cancer mortality rates drop by around 90%, which means that the early detection through screenings is actually saving thousands of lives.

Benefits of Oral DNA Testing

In addition to the standard visual and physical testing, Dr. Kreymer employs state of the art Oral DNA tests to dig deeper and see if there are any danger signs. The makeup of saliva can be a clear warning sign for many conditions. For example, periodontal disease can be very hard to diagnose based just on a visual examination. However, the saliva can identify periodontal infection at its earliest stages, which makes it much easier to treat.

The in-depth oral testing can also discover hidden pathogens that could run the risk of causing issues. Certain gene markers are also associated with increased inflammation, a huge factor in periodontal diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Oral DNA testing here in Los Angeles can also reveal if you have HPV, especially the high-risk types that are associated with oral cancer.

So while many view their biannual checkup as just a simple time for a good cleaning and to make sure their teeth are healthy, the biannual visit can actually save your life! Check out our Los Angeles office to take care of any oral DNA testing you’d like to have done.

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