Simple Extractions in Los Angeles, CA

Simple Extractions in Los Angeles, CA

While Dr. Anna Kreymer’s goal is to always help her patients keep their natural teeth, there are times when simple extractions are the only option to preserve oral health.

Tooth extraction in Los Angeles is one of the most common dental procedures. There are many reasons why it is necessary to remove teeth such as impaction, stubborn baby teeth, natural defects, tooth extraction for orthodontic reasons, or severe damage or decay.

Tooth Extractions

Once it has been determined that tooth extraction is the solution, Dr. Kreymer’s team will schedule a convenient time for your simple extraction. Your Los Angeles dentist can provide you with the best tooth replacement options after simple extraction. Dr. Kreymer will work with you to find the right restoration for you.

Sedation Dentistry and Anesthesia

To ensure that your tooth extraction is comfortable and painless, the use of anesthesia is necessary. If you require the aid of sedation dentistry to feel more at ease, your Los Angeles dentist will discuss the available treatment options prior to surgery.

If you do not need the added comfort of sedation or any dental anesthesia, remember to keep this in mind when planning your tooth extraction. The use of numbing agents can result in unpleasant side effects for several hours following the procedure including difficulty eating, and the risk of biting your tongue or cheek without knowing. Our Los Angeles dentistry offers sedation dentistry to ensure your extractions are as smooth as possible.

Recovery After Simple Tooth Extractions

After tooth removal, Dr. Kreymer will insert sterile gauze into the treatment site to control any bleeding. Forming a blood clot is an important part of healing. Therefore, some activities should be avoided at this time to be sure the area is not disturbed. This includes strenuous activities, using a straw to drink, or cleaning the surgical site on the day of extraction. Tooth extractions are taken seriously at Dr. Anna Dr. Anna Kreymer’s office in Los Angeles, and we want you to take the best care after your treatment!

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