What’S The Difference Between A Simple Extraction And Surgical Extraction?

What’S The Difference Between A Simple Extraction And Surgical Extraction?

March 1, 2019

In dentistry, tooth extraction is often the last option chosen by any dentist in Los Angeles, CA. If you have infection or decay in tooth, the dentists try to resolve it with the help of fillings and root canal procedure. One of the main aims of dentistry is to save the tooth as long as possible. However, when the tooth pain is beyond tolerable or the infection is severe, the dentist may recommend getting the tooth extracted.

If you have a tooth that’s damaged beyond repair and the thought of visiting the dentist is making you anxious, you need to know that you are not alone. Though the last thing you want to hear from dentist near CA 90025 is tooth extraction, sometimes, it may be the best option. It’s better to remove the cause of pain and infection from your mouth.

If you are scared about the extraction, you should know that the extractions are not that scary or painful as they appear to be. Thanks to the modern dentistry and advanced technology, the extractions are not very bad. There are two ways of extracting the tooth. Here’s a look:

  • Simple Extractions

The simple extraction is a straightforward process and it is used when the tooth is above the gum line and not impacted/ beneath the gums. This makes it easy for the dentist to remove the tooth. You won’t feel any pain or pressure while removal as dentist will use local anaesthetics for numbing the area of extraction.

  • Surgical Extractions

The surgical extraction is little complex than the above procedure. The surgical extraction is used when the teeth is impacted, broken, or damaged. The surgical procedure needs more advanced techniques and thus the dentist makes use of IV sedation for the procedure to keep the patient relaxed. IV sedation is a great way of being relaxed yet conscious while your heart rate and vital signs are being monitored.

Every dentist offers both surgical and simple extraction in their clinic and type of extraction depends on the condition of your tooth to be removed.

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